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We provide a range of Conflict Resolution and interpersonal skills programs that are invaluable in developing the awareness, skills and confidence managers, teams, and individuals need to build better relationships.



Our Programs


  • Responding to Conflict Constructively
    Based on the skills in ‘Everyone Can Win’, this is an essential foundation for anyone who wants to better manage conflict, work with differences and relate more effectively with others.
  • Handling Difficult People
    Skills for to better manage situations with colleagues, managers or customers that are challenging.
  • Building Better Business Relationships
    Skills to build and maintain business relationships with customers, stakeholders and significant people you do business with. Particularly valuable for project managers working on major accounts.
  • Conscious Conversations
    Mastering the art of effective communication, expressing your views in ways that encourages participation and leaves room for other perspectives. Speaking with authenticity.
  • Getting to Agreement
    When you are needing to negotiate, collaborate and design solutions with others. Very practical for those involved in committees, multiparty situations and competing needs.


All the above programs are geared for the workplace context and are particularly appropriate for leaders, managers, staff, consultants, HR and customer service personnel.



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