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Mediation offers people in deep conflict or disagreement the opportunity to resolve their differences with each other.

With the help of a skilled mediator people are given the opportunity to air their grievances constructively, discuss the issues important to them in a managed environment and to be assisted in determining mutually acceptable outcomes.


The mediator is educating those involved in effective communication and problem solving strategies for use in the future.



Mediation called for when

  • two or more individuals are caught up in a difficult conflict
  • a grievance has been raised and you need the services of a recognised external mediator
  • you have tried everything else and the situation is not shifting or is getting worse
  • you need to follow due process



We offer:

  • Mediators skilled in the use of a mediation framework developed over years of experience.
  • In house Mediation Skills Training Programs for HR professionals, managers and counsellors whose roles would benefit from being able to use a mediation style intervention when appropriate.



We have successfully conducted over 150 mediations in a wide range of situations.

Our principal mediator is Shoshana Faire. Shoshana has developed her extensive skills over 20 years of mediation experience. She specialises in workplace and team conflict. Shoshana has successfully conducted mediations in situations such as Executive Teams, Boards, Committees, business partnerships, company mergers, between team members, managers and staff and between colleagues.

Shoshana is an Accredited Mediator under the National Mediator Accreditation System.


She has designed and presents a mediation skills program on “Working with Emotions in Mediation’ specifically for LEADR – the Association of Dispute Resolvers and was a presenter at the LEADR International Mediation Conference (2009). She is regularly invited by LEADR to coach mediators in training.


For reasons of confidentiality we do not name organisations for whom we have conducted mediations.


We have delivered Mediation Skills and Managerial Mediation programs for the following:


  • Australian Navy
  • Anglicare
  • Best Practice Rehabilitation
  • Conflict Resolution Network
  • Dept of Fair Trading
  • Indigenous Land Corporation
  • Industrial and Commercial Training Commission (SA)
  • MTE
  • National Archives Australia
  • Northern Territory Health
  • Psychologists Association (SA)
  • Sydney University
  • TAFE, S.A



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