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Do any of these problems leave you dissatisfied with the productivity of your meetings?

  • One or two people dominate and the others don’t contribute
  • People don’t come prepared
  • Time is wasted
  • Conflicts are not addressed
  • Decisions take longer than you would like them to



Conducted in the right way, meetings can be excellent forums for connection, alignment, creativity and commitment that will help the productivity of your organisation.


We offer a range of in-house programs from our 'Making Meetings Work’ to our 'Advanced Facilitation Skills’ programs.
With the right initiative you can improve the meeting culture of your organisation.



Making Meetings Work

Our program for managers, team leaders and all those who are involved in meetings . In this program we develop an understanding of meeting dynamics and provide the tools to make meetings more productive, timely and inclusive.


We address:

  • the five key elements of a meeting opening
  • preparing for success
  • clarifying and stating deliverables
  • managing people, time and issues in a meeting
  • keeping a meeting on track and on time
  • handling difficult behaviours during meetings
  • addressing contentious issues
  • fine tuning regular meetings
  • making meetings more varied, engaging, interesting and fun.



Advanced Facilitation Skills

Our program for people wanting to deepen their facilitation skills. Recommended for professionals, specialists, internal consultants, external consultants, managers, HR personnel, people conducting meetings with stakeholders, community groups etc.

In addition to the topics listed above we address:

  • understanding your own behavioural and preferred meeting style
  • techniques for accommodating others’ meeting preferences
  • tools for expanding and for narrowing conversations
  • managing the flow
  • working with objections and other difficult situations
  • advanced listening techniques
  • gaining commitment



We have delivered meeting facilitation skills programs for Executives, Managers
� and Senior Staff at:


  • AMP
  • Australian Public Service Commission
  • Bankers Trust
  • Dept of Planning
  • Environment Australia
  • Fair Trading
  • Honeywell Pacific
  • Integral Energy
  • Masterfoods
  • NSW Workcover
  • The Executive Connection
  • University of Queensland
  • Watson Wyatt Worldwide



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