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When you have tried what you can to resolve conflict arising in your team and the issue still persist it may be time to call us.

We have facilitated many successful conflict resolution sessions for partnerships, teams, managers, executive groups, departments, boards, communities, committees, interest groups and working parties.


The tension arising from strong opinions and views can be the source of great creativity or can easily become frustrating, annoying and result in entrenched positions.


Team Conflict Resolution is an invaluable way of addressing the underlying issues that are impeding progress. Our skilled conflict resolution facilitators provide the appropriate processes to enable the issues to be addressed constructively and to support those involved to get past the barriers in a productive way.



Call us when

  • differences have seemingly reached a stalemate.
  • tension between people is having an negative impact on productivity
  • frustration is evident between key players
  • the team is unhappy with a new manager
  • organisational change has left people discontented and uncooperative
  • a hostile environment exists



  • the issue is addressed
  • the participants develop a deeper understanding of the issue, of themselves and of each other
  • better communication and trust is built
  • processes and strategies for more effective future interactions are adopted



How we work with you


  • Identify the issues
    We meet with those involved, usually individually.
    This brings to the surface the underlying issues and needs, builds rapport and gains commitment to the process.
  • Address the issues
    This stage is likely to involve facilitated meetings between those involved. This could be a meeting of all the parties or smaller meetings between certain individuals to clear communication and address specific issues. How this occurs will evolve as a result of Stage 1.
  • Design the future
    This involves the participants together designing and agreeing on how they will communicate and deal with similar dynamics in the future.
  • Follow up
    To evaluate the process, affirm changes and fine tune if needed.
    Further needs, such as individual coaching and skills development may be identified.



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