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‘Practical, hands-on stuff’
‘Challenges your mindset’
‘Draws the most out of people’
‘Really tuned to people and how they behave’
‘Comprehensive and well structured’
‘Fun and lively’
‘Doesn’t push the program or herself’
‘Best program I have done in years!’
‘Has changed the way we manage people’





“From my coaching sessions I have gained direction, reassurance, opportunities to assess options, a sense of confidence and empowerment. An opportunity to look at my management style – at time confronting! It’s been invaluable to have an independent shoulder to lean on”

Executive Officer
Community Services Centre



"Thank you for your fantastic assistance in the last few months. I feel that I've made some really wonderful changes that have given me a new lease in life and I couldn't have done this without your encouragement"

John Kobal



"Following our coaching session I feel more confident to handle and negotiate in difficult situations. I understand my own behaviour better and have some positive strategies to use when I am dealing with potential conflict situations. Thanks"

Steve Alexander
Manager Community Transition
Disability SA Dept for Families and Communities



"Thank you for the time that you spent helping me to see my way through a difficult conversation thank you for your timely advice – I certainly appreciated being able to talk through the situation and to clarify what I was really trying to achieve"

Gloria Duurland



Conflict Resolution

"It was well worth it. General reports back are that people feel they were able to say what they needed to say and be honest, that they learned things they didn't know from other staff, and that they're positive about trying to move forward. Can't tell you how pleased I am at the outcome. Thanks."

Human Resources Manager
Australian Film, Television and Radio School



"We were at loggerheads and heading for a breakup following our merger. Your intervention has put us back on a better track with new understandings, agreed values and directions and a commitment to move forward together. Wish we had done it sooner"

Senior Partner
Legal firm



Meeting Facilitation

"It has changed the way we manage ourselves"

Fraser McWilliam, Director Honeywell



"We have cut our meeting time in half and achieved far more – it’s great!"

Felicity Nelson
Organisation Development Consultant, AMP



"‘This is the most valuable training course I have attended. I have had immediate results. I gained a significant contract applying the skills"

David Shannon
Senior Consultant, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, NZ



"I truly believe that Kwik Kopy Australia has lifted its output by 100% thanks to the simple and effective tools and principles you shared with my team. As a high level team, much of our time is spent in meetings formulating strategy or steering projects. Thanks to your systems we have now established a consistent approach to meeting management right across the company. The results are evident both in the quality of output from our meetings and in the morale and enthusiasm of the team who can clearly see how their time and their input is being better appreciated and better utilised by the company. Once again, thanks for your terrific input and your real commitment to maximising meetings. Yours sincerely"

Matthew Penfold
Chief Executive Officer



"Thank you for recommending Lynn. On an incredibly short lead time, Lynn quickly grasped the key issues, developed a program format that ensured that the objectives of the day were met and worked well with the team to keep them focused and on track"

Michael Fields
Aust Institute of Company Directors



"I want to thank you and acknowledge you for all your work and efforts on Saturday last. We had a very good 2 days and we came out of the meeting with some really good actions and decisions. I am very clear that we would not have been able to do this if it had not been for our process and the facilitation to keep us on track. In fact, I mentioned at the end of the meeting that this meeting is a standout of all the meetings I have attended thus far because we did do the prep, the pre reading and have the facilitation.
Thanks again for your contribution to World Youth International and to helping the kids of this world"

Gerald Groom




Skills Development


‘It went better than I expected. I took all of the reaction out of the meeting by getting the staff member in question to identify the problems instead of me sitting there rattling them off. We talked about the causes of these issues and come up with solutions to correct the behaviours. All in all it was a really productive process.
I was really glad to have done your course before doing this as it gave me the confidence to be able to walk into such a tough situation.
Thankyou for your advice."

Jason Bakonji
tions Manager



"I would appreciate if you could relay our thanks to your facilitator, Shoshana, for presenting such an interesting and thought provoking 2 day training session. All the attendees found her facilitating style to be professional, interactive and interesting.’ Congratulations."

Phillip Keaton


"This course was excellent!!!! In fact, the best course I have attended while at IBM (Project Management Fundamentals, Leadership etc). I believe that this course should be mandatory for all PMs and certainly included in the PM Tier 1 curriculum.
The course has armed me with invaluable and effective tools for dealing with difficult or should I say different customers (I have learn't well). The course has provided me with tools and has better equipped me to be
to able to deal with the confrontational environment we work in. This will assist with achieving win win situations and hopefully reduce my stress levels in the work place.
I also believe that this course would be beneficial for management as it would increase their personal skills immensely. I would also like to note that the course instructors were excellent and their experience and course delivery was irreproachable. If you would like to discuss further details please call."

IBM Project Manager



"I had always believed that there were only two ways to handle a difficult situation - that is "fight" or "flight",  Shoshana made me realise that in fact there was a third option. One day, faced with a particularly difficult manager, instead of saying nothing I thought I would put into practice what I had learnt at the course. I centred myself, stayed calm and used "I" statements. Not only did it work, but I gained that manager's respect and more importantly, it raised my self esteem. This incident gave me the confidence to handle future situations in a similar way. I cannot speak highly enough of both the course and Shoshana as facilitator."

Kieran Hansen,
Project Manager,  IBM



"Well, since being on Shoshana's two day Conflict Resolution, I have been given a new set of skills to use, polished up some old ones, and then given the chance to practically apply them as we went along. Shoshana is awesome, she is engaging, fun and gives a most insightful course on communication to resolve those daily conflicts both at work, and it even helps at home! Thank you Shoshana!"

Rosemary Frazer, ATO



"One of the best courses I have done. It should be compulsory. Thank you very much"

Robert Rowland
Experimental Scientist, Energy Technology. CSIRO



"I would just like to commend Shoshana Faire on an excellent presentation on assertiveness and conflict resolution. It is has been the most useful course I have ever done and has taught me so much on how to manage my personal and professional relationships."

Julia Dobos
Australian Securities and Investments Commission


"Everyone here has been on a high since the workshop. Lots of very positive comments and from some pretty tough nuts so well done as usual. People are using the things they learned and are really trying hard to put it into practice. It will take time and I feel pretty confident that we will get there eventually."

Director, Corporate Services,



"I wanted to let you know I used the needs mapping today at a workplace meeting where there has been a long history of conflict between employer and worker, and it was received very well. Thank you for all your tips and techniques, the training was very beneficial for me."

Stephanie Meades
Rehabilitation Consultant



"I found the training very useful in identifying and understanding other people’s working styles, particularly those I find difficult to work with. It also helped me reflect on my own style and start to recognise why my responses would be frustrating to others (I’ve always known they are, but never seen the sense in their reactions). I’ve been able to consider better ways I could get what I need from people without the judgement"

Linda Campbell



"Just wanted to say that I'm having successes using the techniques and tools you gave us last week. I'm really trying to think "Ah - conflict, what an opportunity!. Was a great course and it was a pleasure meeting you. Thankyou again"

National Manager Learning Solutions
Telstra Retail



This was an excellent course that was professionally presented .Some fantastic ideas to use back as school"

Jenny Johnson
School principal



"Alan has from the beginning of the assignment taken a professional consultative approach to ascertain our needs, understand our requirements and to customise the program to meet our needs. He is always keen to understand the issues and background of each particular training group, as well as being across our broader corporate agenda"

Ric Taylor
Assistant Director
Department of Transport and Regional Services



"I thought your session was pitched exactly right for the occasion and went down very well.  I was delighted with the turnout. The feedback was very positive"

Debbie Jamieson



"Your session was a highlight for people. Such a long time since we've done any of that kind of work. I have recommended you to a few people wanting to do team building stuff."

Sue Goodear
Assistant Commissioner Marketing Communications

Capability Development and Governance



Team Facilitation


"The day out with you has transformed the team relationship and I am grateful for your wisdom everyday"

Jenny Burn
Head of HR Shared Services
Perpetual Limited



"From what I can gather from everyone it was well worth it. General reports back are that people feel they were able to say what they needed to say and be honest, that they learned things they didn't know from other staff, and that they're positive about trying to move forward. Can't tell you how pleased I am at the outcome. Thanks"

Shannon McSwiney
Human Resources Manager,

Australian Film, Television and Radio School





"Thank you for your guidance and professionalism during this process. It's been much appreciated."

Managing Director


"Since our session with you, D and I have been moving forward more aware and more ready to discuss issues. It is very clear that open and continuous communication will go a long way to sorting out our issues.
We both feel that our relationship has improved. We are not yet clear of things but both of us recognise that as long as we continue with this openness we stand a good chance of success."

Partners in small business



The Book


"I wanted to thank you so much for your book. I just love it. What stuck out especially for me, which is so good, is how you frame power and teach people to use it productively, and how you focus on the deeper emotional background of conflict resolution. thanks so much for that."

Max Schupbach



"I wanted to tell you, as well, that I love the book Everyone Can Win. It's fantastic. You sent it at a perfect time for me to learn & it really summarizes all that we've been talking about & practicing this year. I'm immensely grateful for it. It's going to take me some time to learn to use these skills but I think there are essential lessons here."

Reader from Germany


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